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Most of my astronomy page consists of resources for Night Vision Astronomy.

My Background with Astronomy

I have been an amateur astronomer, on and off, for almost 25 years. For much of that time, I did not have a telescope of my own, nor did I have a lot of free time to devote to the hobby, so I am not as familiar with the night sky as would be suggested by the length of my involvement with the hobby. I did have access to club telescopes, loaner scopes, and in college I was an active member of the Cornell Astronomical Society, helping to run public observing nights at the Fuertes Observatory, with its gorgeous 12" f/15 refractor.

Starting in 2015 I started getting back into astronomy, as a relaxing diversion from the constant stress and demands of work. I currently have a Celestron 14" EdgeHD on a fork mount, and a Stellarvue 80mm f/6 apochromat on an M2 alt-az mount.

I don't really have any astronomy "projects" going on right now, but now that I finally have my own telescope (and night-vision gear!), I am trying to work my way through viewing all of the major deep-sky objects. I also enjoy doing outreach and introducing others to the wonders of the cosmos.